Sustainable Solutions


Consumer’s preferences have begun to shift towards more eco-friendly products and green packaging solutions. Major retailers are beginning to demand more sustainable packaging. Now may be the time for your company to look at greener packaging solutions.

American Packaging takes a green packaging life cycle approach, rather than solely focusing on just the packaging material. The life cycle approach to sustainable packaging looks at the packaging from production to distribution and all the way through to the end of the packaging life cycle. Our packaging equipment manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to produce packaging equipment that runs more efficiently and use less energy to operate. Many of the new packaging machines are being built to accommodate the wide range of new biodegradable packaging materials. Our packaging materials suppliers are producing more eco-friendly and bio-degradable products and inventing entire packaging solutions in conjunction with our equipment manufactures that use less packaging material, less glue and less energy to produce greatly reducing your products carbon foot print.

Let American Packaging help your company develop sustainable packaging for your product line. Please contact us and let our experts develop a green packaging solution for your company.